Public Policy Program Design & Training

For non-profits, unions, businesses & associations


Specially Designed Policy Community Monitoring Programs

Keeping track of ordinance proposals at the local level takes a lot of time and man-power. Make use of your members or volunteers on the ground. Monitoring programs train volunteers to get connected, monitor, and report on policies that might affect your mission.


Community Policy Consultation

Have a policy you need passed at a local level? It takes more than proposing it to get to the finish line. Building a coalition, coming up with a cohesive message, press strategy, and navigating inside-baseball politics of a community are all delicate steps. Nexus Werx LLC can help you design a successful policy plan.


Day on the Hill Trainings – Online & In-Person

“How do I talk to a lawmaker or their staff?” “What should I expect?” “How should I ‘frame’ a request?” “What kind of follow-up should I do?” Answer all your supporters’ questions and make sure they’re prepared to make the most out of your lobby day.


Effective Activism 101 – Online & In-Person Trainings

Turn your members and supporters into your best advocates and train them how to relationship-build with decision-makers all year long. If you have a lot of new activists to train, get the bulk rate discount on EFFECTIVE ACTIVISM 101.


Email [email protected] for more information or to request a complementary consultation.

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