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12/31/17 – Cape Cod Broadcasting

The effort to create more workforce housing on Cape Cod is the focus on a new effort to develop an accessory apartment bylaw. Consultant Stefanie Coxe joins the program to talk about the effort and how they’re trying to get local towns on board.

Chatham takes aim at housing crunch with ADU bylaw

12/6/17 – Cape Cod Chronicle

Bylaw Would Allow Market-rate Apartments In Homes

CHATHAM – Like a number of other Cape towns, Chatham has a zoning bylaw that allows the creation of apartments within single-family homes, but only if they are affordable. The bylaw has generated zero units, most likely because of that restriction. Other towns have had the same result.

“In every case where that’s done, there are no new units created,” said Stephanie Coxe, a consultant with the Smarter Cape Cod Initiative.

How Antifa Violence Has Split the Left

9/19/17 – Wall Street Journal

Tactics of the group are creating a rift among liberals about whether to denounce a radical fringe whose objectives, if not methods, they often share.

Building a smarter Cape

9/17/17 – Cape Cod Times 

Stefanie Coxe, a consultant with the Smarter Cape partners, said one advantage of the model bylaw is that it doesn’t create new houses, but …

Community Leaders Pitch By-law to Towns 

9/12/17 – Cape Cod Times

Members of Smarter Cape Cod, a coalition of community leaders focused on local economic and housing development, see accessory dwellings as low-hanging fruit in addressing a critical shortage of housing for yearround and seasonal workers, said Stefanie Coxe, a consultant with the Smarter Cape partners.

7/30/17 Radio Entrepreneurs

Stefanie Coxe Nexus Werx LLC Political Trainer joins us on our special Cape Cod edition of Radio Entrepreneurs from the Chamber of Commerce in Centerville, MA.

Cape Cod Residents Attend Civic Engagement Workshop

3/8/17 –

Stefanie Coxe, the founder of Nexus Werx LLC, said she is happy to see people who want to get involved.

“Seeing how in the past few months, so many people are coming out of the woodwork who have either never engaged before, or who engaged in previous years but then sort of got disengaged, got frustrated with how politics works, this is such a great time to get involved,” said Coxe.

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