A Message from Nexus Werx LLC Founder,

Stefanie Coxe:


I worked as a “political insider” for nearly 15 years, including serving as an aide to two Massachusetts state representatives and a Member of Congress. I kept meeting people who couldn’t afford a lobbyist – non-profit leaders, town administrators, and community activists – but earnestly wanted to learn how to navigate the world of politics and effectively advocate for their priorities.

They had little in the way of resources; the few schools which teach civics rarely get into the “soft skills” needed to be successful. The only people who know how to make an impact are fellow insiders. I believe that accessibility gap is what has led to the rise of populism on both the right and the left. People feel – rightly – left out of the process.

That’s why I decided to create the Learn to Lobby line of trainings. I firmly believe anyone can learn what I know and the more people who know how to effectively advocate, the healthier our democracy will be.

View the brochure to learn more about online and in-person trainings for individuals, groups, unions, and associations.


Stefanie S. Coxe, Founder

Nexus Werx LLC



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