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Making Civic Engagement Accessible for Everyone: Activism Training, Lobbying Training, & Campaign Training

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Nexus Werx LLC is a political training & consulting company. The Learn to Lobby line of online and in-person products: Effective Activism 101 activist training for individuals and groups, Lobbying 101 lobbying training for non-profits & associations, and Campaigning 101 campaign training for candidates who can’t afford a consultant. Born out of the belief that it shouldn’t take insider experience to participate politically, these trainings develop both soft skills and strategic competency and is for individuals, non-profits, and advocacy organizations and their members.

Nexus Werx LLC also offers special project consulting and political program design services.

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What Clients Say

Lauren McDowell

"Effective Activism 101 is a great way to learn about the reality of politics! If you're overwhelmed by the state of politics this is the program for you."

Shamar Simmons

"...Very engaging and taught me to really think about what issues are important to me. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to make a difference in our government."

Matt Bolinder

"Easy to follow, yet packed with education. Incredibly valuable resource in today's age."


Activism and Lobbying Tips & Advice

Integrity, not party purity

Democrats will drown in the blue wave if they don’t understand where it comes from. Heading into the Massachusetts Democratic Convention, there is a sea of discontent with establishment Democrats, which activists propose to fix Read more…


The Left must disavow Anarchists

The Left must disavow Anarchists. Not because of a false equivalency with white supremacists, but because their tactics are completely counterproductive. What’s the purpose of a rally? Showing politicians a broad base of support for Read more…

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